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We operate to change
the life of children

One Zambia was founded October 2014, coinciding with Zambia’s Golden Jubilee. As Zambia continues to develop and its economy strengthen, there will be a need for strong Zambians to one day take the reins and continue to steer the country forward towards prosperity. As the saying goes “Children are our future”. We feel that Zambia’s success can only happen if the next generation is able enough to fill the shoes of a generation that secured the nations freedom and laid the foundation for its peace and prosperity for 50 years.

We are committed to ensure that the next generation has a fair chance at living the Zambian dream and also contributing to humanity in its whole. While it may seem over ambitious, we have enjoyed 50 years of freedom because of ambition. Who knows what the next generation can accomplish if given the chance.


Our boxes are made from a strong card/wood material that is both durable and eco-friendly. 1 Certified Mattress, 1 Waterproof Cover, 1 100% Cotton Sheet, 1 Swaddle Blanket, 1 Lovey, 2 Onesies, 2 Pairs of socks, 3 Organic washcloths, 1 pair of newborn mittens, 1 newborn cap, 1 cloth diaper kit.

We are a full non profit 501c(3) company - Use 47-2187255 for your tax purposes.


our team

  • Krishna Bhakta

    Our Slogan "Munkale Bwino" means Live Well. A small change in a newborn's life can allow that child to live a life full of potential. Zambia has a special part in my life and I am very proud to support Zambia families any way I can.

  • Sagar Bhakta

    Sagar Bhakta: I’m very fortunate to give my time to oneZambia.org. It’s difficult when you fail, but it is far worse never to have tried to succeed. We at Onezambia will not fail at trying to help a mother and her new born.


    CHAZ has 151 members health institutions. The majority of these health institutions are which are based in rural areas. The Baby Box Co. provides the box a starter kit for the baby’s first year of life.