One Zambia Baby Box is now being introduced to Zambia.

The Baby Box. Help Mothers and their Newborns

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We at want to provide the mothers of Zambia a box that contains the resources needed to give babies a safe, healthy and equitable start in life.

Based on the Finnish Baby box, the modern box offers many items that will help ensure that the child is warm, clean, clothed and has a safe place to sleep. The boxes and its contents are made to the highest American and European infant standards. The box contains clothing, toys, cloth diapers and much more.

Your generous donation will help a baby get a strong start in life.

One Zambia One Nation

Restoring Motherhood & Childhood

We are reaching out to all to help us achieve our goal. No matter how big or small, every contribution goes towards ensuring a newborn child in Zambia is gifted a fighting chance at a healthier life. Click on the donate box above.

Our Mission

Live Well.

One Zambia was founded to carry out a simple mission. Ensure that All Zambians get a fair chance at living a long and prosperous life. While there are many organizations that offer services to children, adults and the elderly, our most vulnerable population; the newborns are rarely given any notice. We are dedicating ourselves to ensure that every newborn infant in Zambia is given a chance at a future in a country that has given so much to us. Our mission is to provide infants with the care they need to ensure that they stay healthy during the most crucial part of their lives. It will also put new mothers at ease, knowing that their babies are safer and have a fighting chance at life.

We are a certified non profit 501c(3) company - Federal ID 47-2187255

what we do

  • Pack the Box

    The boxes are packed and prepared for shipment to Zambia. All contents are counted and sorted, ready to be sent to new mothers in Zambia. The box arrives in Zambia and our partner Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) receive the goods and ensure that all contents are in good condition.

  • Gift the Box

    CHAZ and their volunteers distribute the boxes through health clinics and doctors to new mothers around the country.

  • Open the Box

    New Mothers around the country open the box and use the contents to ensure their child is warm, safe and secure in the most delicate stage of their lives.